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                     The Big Dogg 
Gang and Violence Prevention Academy is an entertaining, educational experience that incorporates essential life skills, criminal justice education,
mentoring & engaging activities that specifically relate to youth living in neglected environments. We address the struggles, obstacles, and trauma our youth encounter, and teach them how to successfully navigate life in the most challenging situations.

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Life Lessons

The Big Dogg Curriculum uses dog themed analogies to teach life lessons. Our scenarios are based on true stories we have encountered throughout our lived experiences. We focus on social/emotional learning, resilience and coping skills and moral wellness.

What We Offer:


  What We Offer:

  • Educational Programs

  • Sports & Fitness

  • Mentoring

  • Court Support

  • Field Trips

  • Activities & the Arts

  • Job Development              

  • H.S. Credits Recovery


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Earn Your High School Diploma

The Big Dogg Academy works in collaboration with the LA Computer Science Academy to assist those that have fallen behind in H.S. credits, to help them recover and earn their H.S. diploma.

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